5 Best Bread Slicer Reviews of 2020

Almost every family takes bread every day. This is one of the sweetest foods that have been in existence for centuries. With technology at hand, there are several tools that can help you slice bread. Forget those days that you used your hands to share bread. Today, you get great slices that are equal and uniform. Bread slicers make you present decent breakfast or bread whenever you have baked or bought bread. There are several bread slices in the market to choose from. These slicers or slice guide units vary regarding quality, price, and efficiency. This article has the 5 best bread slicers that come with various benefits and features that most customers love. The bread slicers below have a good rating and many good testimonials that discuss their efficiency.
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1. DB Tech Wood Best Bread Slicer

If you are tired of slicing bread unevenly, you have to get the DB-Tech Wood Bread Slicer. Slicing bread with this tool has never been easier. In fact, you just take a minute, and the whole bread is evenly sliced with less effort. All you need to do is place the bread in the slicer and cut your knife alone the grooves. This slicer can slice up to 3 different thicknesses giving you a variety of choices to choose from depending on the number of people to serve. You can cut large slices to create a sandwich or small slices for your kids. The slicer is made from 100% bamboo wood, and it is extremely durable. It has a spring flip that is designed to open quickly and fold easily when you are done with your slicing.

DB Tech Wood Best Bread Slicer

2. Kitchencraft Bread Keeper, Expanding

This is another product from Kitchencraft Manufacturers. It is one of the finest innovations that is made of Acrylic. Expect to cut bread with ease at all times with this model. With its handily slicing guide, you get to experience various ways of slicing bread evenly to produce the same standard thickness. This convenient bread slicer has small air vents and can keep your bread safe and fresh by just allowing enough air in which a normal plastic bag cannot. Serve your visitors your own baked and sliced bread each time they visit or make your family enjoy their slices of bread every morning with Kitchencraft Bread keeper.
Kitchencraft Bread Keeper Expanding

3. Bread Slicer – Multi-functional

Another bread slicer that has garnered praise this year is the Multi-Functional Bread slicer. It is a popular tool used in Japan but it’s now everywhere. This bread slicer is made of strong, thick plastic that provides better, tough experience. Quality, efficiency and durability are what this tool sells. The main feature of this tool is that it cuts bread into 4 different thicknesses at the same time. Apart from being used as a bread slicer, this multi-functional tool can also be used to slice ham or cheese. It’s been designed for easy folding to save your kitchen space and it’s an easy to clean tool. With its elegant design and pure white color, it can match several kitchen decors. This model is highly recommended too.
Bread Slicer - Multi-functional

4. Presto – Bread Slicing Guide Coded Guide Slot

Get a bread slicer with a guide that directs you from step one to the last steps of serving your bread. This bread slicing unit is very useful when you want to have even bread slices in your own kitchen. It has various slicing options and can be very helpful in your own kitchen. There are several thickness levels that are provided by this slicing guide. You should be able to choose the best thickness selection that is suitable for your own needs. If features precision guide slots that you put your knife to slice. Expect accurate slice every time you use this bread slicing guide.
Presto - Bread Slicing Guide Coded Guide Slot

5. Bread Slicer Elite

This slicer is an excellent kitchen accessory that is crafted manually in Florida, USA. The bread slicer elite is made of high-quality stainless steel with a solid maple wood. The designers have taken time to ensure that it has great stability by assembling the stainless steel and the maple wood with screws. It features a rubber grip at the bottom of the equipment. Apart from the great design, it performs its work just as expected. Its simplicity allows you to conveniently and evenly slice your loaves at your own will. Make it one of your kitchen accessories and it will truly make you proud whenever visitors or friends are around. It matches various kitchen decors and lasts for long. Perhaps this is the right model you are looking for!
Bread Slicer Elite

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