5 Best Masking Tape Dispensers of 2020 Reviews

Masking tape is one of the simplest but most useful inventions ever made by man. A masking tape can be used for various chores, such as to mark any area that needs painting. You can also use it to wrap or cover any ripped surface on the wall or bind things together such as boxes. However, for the masking tape to be effective and easy to use, it needs a dispenser. There are other interesting things about masking tape. The best masking tape dispensers should be able to make work easier for the user and keep the tape clean as well.

There are several options for masking tape dispensers. Some offer great features; others are expensive while others are cheap. You can simply choose wide tape for wide painted surface and a big dispenser to hold your tape. The dispensers have been designed to be stable making it not to fall over each time of use. Precise cutting tool and simple rolling mechanism are the two things that make a dispenser a useful tool. With great advantages offered by masking tape dispenser for either home or business requirements, a lot of reliable stores and suppliers provide this certain useful supply for you. The following are the best masking tape dispensers.

1. 3M Hand-Masker Best Masking Tape Dispensers

If you are looking for the best, then the 3M Hand-Masker Dispenser is currently the best dispenser in the market. With a rating of 4.6, this is the right product that will help you mask windows and doors faster than using your hands. This 3M master M300 is a ticket for any handy jobs that require masking. You can use this tool with a paper or a film although they are sold separately with other cutting blades. This dispenser covers and protects in one easy step. Its special features and versatility make it popular choice for most home owners, contractors and professional painters. You can use it to paint, drywall texturing, floor sanding or interior/exterior wall finishing. It has a precision tape tracking, and it’s a perfect tool for professional use. Its design and unique features make it a durable, lightweight and impact-resistant dispenser.
3M Hand-Masker Best Masking Tape Dispensers

2. ScotchBlue TA20-SB Heavy Duty Tape Applicator

This applicator gives the user the flexibility to easily and effectively mask base and casing. It has been designed for the professional painters and any interested home user. This tool has rollers specifically engineered to ride along the curves and contours of molding while applying flush against the wall giving a final sharp and consistent paint lines. The dispenser has a compact and lightweight design for easy carrying and maneuverability whenever you are working. This equipment easily fits in the palm of the hand and has a quick built-in metal blade for quick, precise cutting. Get it and enjoy its easy load design whenever you need another refill of the mask. The machine however dispenses 1-inch tape only and can be used when painting walls, wood, glass or even metal.
ScotchBlue TA20-SB Heavy Duty Tape Applicator

3. Accutaper Masking Dispenser

This is another dispenser that will make your work easy when working on painting walls or applying tapes where required. This tool is made in China. It has the ability to measures and cut the masking tape to required size and length.This masking tape dispenser works with standard professional masking tapes. The tool also features a built-in tape cutter for quick and effective cutting. It’s a reliable tape that is highly recommended for you. It has great customer reviews and professionals love it.
Accutaper Masking Dispenser

4. 3M Hand-Masker Dispenser

This 3M M100 Hand-Masker Tape Film dispenser is designed for any interested person. You can use it for any light project duties at any given time. It gently applies the masking paper with tape in a very simple step. The dispenser is easy to use, load and has been considered one of the ideal dispensers for taping down masking papers when painting, wrapping or covering a certain area.
3M Hand-Masker Dispenser

5. ECR4Kids Craft Tape Dispenser

This dispenser keeps all of your craft tape compacts, easily accessible and visible at all times. It’s made of wood and can hold up to 10 rolls of masking tape for use with crafts, decoration and scrapbooking. With this dispenser, you will be well prepared for any crafting situation. Its an affordable craft tape dispenser that is worth your money.
ECR4Kids Craft Tape Dispenser

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