The Best shower speakers 2020

Are you a music addict? Do you love to show off your singing skills while you’re alone in the shower? Of course you do! Unfortunately, you cannot and shouldn’t use your phone while you’re in the shower, and your music player’s sound can’t reach your ears while you’re under the shower. And that’s exactly what waterproof shower speakers are made for, you can hang them on the shower tub or put them on the side of the tub. Whether you want a more lively and refreshing shower or want to keep your kids entertained while taking a bath, we are here for you to make your choice much easier, the upcoming 10 products are the best and will make your showers much more comfortable!

1.iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

The Best shower speakers

The iFox is built to last, with premium quality components, moreover, it has white filled buttons that will make it way easier to use and discern in the shower. The iFox is fully waterproof and fully submersible, it can take up to 3 feet in depth and still delivers great sound quality while running on mere 3 watts of power, this outstanding shower speaker can be used anywhere and is equipped with a suction cup to stick strongly anywhere you need it, even in your car’s windows.

The iFox also has an incredible battery life, it can run loud music for up to 10 hours and takes less than 3 hours to fully charge. It is of course a Bluetooth device and it’s able to connect with any Bluetooth device, it can also be used as a speaker phone and supports SIRI, your Bluetooth devices will be able to connect 33 feet away from the iFox and you can very easily control your music and adjust the volume wherever you are.

2.VicTsing Shower Speaker

The Best shower speakers

The VicTsing is a great quality shower speaker, it is also an outdoors speaker and lasts up to 6 hours on 70% of its maximum volume, has a built-in rechargeable battery and mic Bluetooth in order to use its hands-free function, so you can pick up a call wherever and whenever you are as long as it’s connected to your smartphone. Needless to say that the VicTsing has a unique and impressive design, it is made of aluminum alloy, is weightless and equipped with a detachable suction cup so it’s pretty easy to hang or attach anywhere you want it.

In addition to its high-quality materials and design, the VicTsing delivers and overwhelming sound quality, it streams stereo sound with a full range output so you can get to listen your best music with the best quality in the shower, in your car, while you’re kicking it off on your couch or even outdoors. One thing is that the VicTsing cannot be fully immersed in water, but you can still freely use it in the shower and stick it to your bath tub without any worries, it is waterproof and will function magnificently in any environment you need to use it in.

3.Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Super Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Best shower speakers

With sharp looks that combine a compact form factor and a boombox-like sound, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is your best choice for a shower-friendly speaker. The IPX7 rating allows the Wonderboom to be submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes, so it’s more than suited for the shower. The Bluetooth speakers allow for playback up to 100 feet away from a compatible smartphone or tablet and provides up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. The 4.6 x 4.2 x 5.24-inch speaker weighs a meager 1.3 pounds, but delivers a surprisingly outstanding sound quality with 360 degrees of audio transmission that’s both crisp and bass-heavy. A drop test from 1.7 meters high offers some peace-of-mind in the event the speaker falls from a high shelf.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is available in six different colors, no matter which you choose, its sharp designs will leave you speechless and you’ll be hooked on its incredible music performance.

4.BOOM Swimmer DUO – Dirt, Shock, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Best shower speakers

The Boom Swimmer Duo from Polk Audio can handle the longest showers with the highest water pressure and the speaker is guaranteed to not get damaged. Made to be malleable, the tail end of the small and lightweight Boom can wrap around virtually any kind of object of any shape, including the shower head of course. The Boom also comes complete with a detachable suction cup for sticking to nearly any surface for even more mounting options. Beyond surface mounting, the Boom adds another layer of usability with a built-in microphone allowing for hands-free calls inside the shower.

And if you’re not already sold on the Boom, the inclusion of both dirtproof and shockproof ratings add another dimension of protection against drops and provides functionality in almost any environment. To sum it up, the Boom Swimmer Duo is a more than convenient wireless shower speaker that will ease out your life and especially your showers.

5.Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

The Best shower speakers

This product’s hardware keeps impressing the masses and its waterproof Bluetooth wireless mini speaker is no exception. Along with its budget-friendly price tag, the IP67 rating allows it to be labeled as dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, it will accommodate in each and every environment and will be able to withstand your showers or rainy days if you’re using it outdoors.

Doubling as a shower speaker, the Bluetooth 4.0 compatible hardware works with any Bluetooth-enabled device up to 33 feet away, courtesy of its three-watt audio driver and its passive subwoofer for a simply exquisite sound quality. Its simplistic and fresh design, coupled with a rubberized exterior provide a small measure of impact resistance in case of a tumble from the shower shelf. It measures 3.31 x 3.31 x 1.77 inches and weighing a mere 4.64 ounces, so it can go beyond the bathroom and on other adventures and keep you company throughout the days streaming your favorite pieces of music.

6.Libratone ONE Click – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Best shower speakers

Roughly the size of a paperback book, and designed to look like it, the Libratone One Click portable Bluetooth speaker is an exceptional choice and one of the best to make. The unique style allows for 360-degree HD sound, spewing deeper bass waves than most other Bluetooth devices, along with 12 hours of battery life to last not only in the shower, but also for a full day at the beach, in the park or while you camp. The IPX-4 rating guarantees it’s splashproof, so although it technically isn’t waterproof, it’ll be fine to use during a bath or a shower.

Splash proofing aside, the 4.7 x 1.6 x 8-inch Libratone stands out courtesy of its two interchangeable accessories, including the small hook and larger lunch-box style handle. The latter of two is more ideal for the shower where it can hang from the shower head, your training bar or even your beach umbrella, and blast its crisp treble right in your direction. It also has a three-inch woofer, one-inch tweeter and two passive drivers.

7.OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Best shower speakers

If you are looking for a high-end shower speaker which can serve as a portable Bluetooth speaker as well, then you should not find better than the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This shower speaker has an excellent rating based on a very large number of customers who have purchased the product. It is on the expensive side as it costs almost $100. However, it does justice to the price, so if you can afford to spend $100 on your shower speaker, we would strongly recommend you to go for this Bluetooth shower speaker. The speaker comes in a Black color by default and though there is no option to choose a different color, but its futuristic design makes the black color very well suited for its luxurious style, the triangular and long shape that reminds of a Toblerone chocolate bar also makes up for it and adds to the originality of the product.

The sound quality of the speakers is truly spectacular as it provides an outstanding high-quality audio waves that you would not find in any Bluetooth speaker and will be astonished by it. This makes it superior to most of its competitors as you would hardly find another brand with as good an audio quality as this product has. It has much louder volume and more bass which makes it suitable to use in all environments, whether outdoor or indoor.

8.Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Sharkk 2O IP67 Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Pool Beach and Shower Portable Wireless Speaker

The Best shower speakers

Big time sound without breaking the bank helps make the Sharkk 2O Bluetooth speaker the most ideal option for music addicts who want a good sound speaker which is both durable and waterproof. Featuring more than 100 feet of Bluetooth connectivity, the IP67-certified Shark testifies further of both shockproof and dustproof benefits along with the waterproof rating. The 10 hours of battery life are fairly in line with competitive availabilities, and there’s even a built-in microphone for a quick answer to calls. These features help make the Sharkk a worthy purchase, but it’s the rugged rubberized construction and great design that really make the Sharkk stand out. Inside the rubberized frame are dual four-watt speakers for a dynamic sound. Weighing about 1.9 pounds, it has a carrying strap that allows it to hang from a shower head and the 11.4 x 4 x 3-inch frame is best placed on a shelf or on the side of the bathtub.

9.Aduro AquaSound WSP20 Shower Speaker

The Best shower speakers

This incredibly low-budget shower speaker is an ingenious product, although it has a cheap price, it delivers quite the sound quality. The IPX4 certificate guarantees it’s a waterproof device, you can play your music while you have it attached to your shower’s walls using its suction cup. Furthermore, this shower speaker comes in various designs that will leave you speechless, it will literally fit in with any type of coloring pattern you have on your walls, a wide range of colors and designs are available for you to choose from.

The Aduro AquaSound is the most stylish, affordable and accommodating shower speaker, it can blend with your shower’s walls and will deliver a decent sound quality, it has buttons to handle your music preferences and is compatible with any Bluetooth device so you can even pick up your phone from the shower.

10.XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker

The Best shower speakers

The XmanxNew shower speaker’s design is its best feature, although it’s battery is not very tenacious as it only lasts for 2 hours of playback while you’ll need 3.5 hours of charging, it will shine your bathroom/shower with the most beautiful LED lights that will go along with the rhythm of your music. Of course, the XmanxNew allows an easy access to hand free talking, and most options you’ll need quick access to while having a shower, it also supports Bluetooth and wireless transmission and includes a built-in microphone to enjoy its free-hand calling feature.

In sum, the XmanxNew is the most fashionable shower speaker that will make you practice your dance moves while taking your shower through it’s beautiful flashiness, and what’s better than having a low-budget flashy?

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